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    I have sun in 7th house in lagan chart and rahu in 7th house in navamsha does this mean spouse will be from higher status and intercaste marriage?

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswaara rao

    Please give complete horoscope.
    I have to see where the seventh house owner is.
    Further,I should also look who is seeing the
    seventh house.

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

    As Sun is in the 7th house, he has the chance of giving marriage. When Rahu is in the 7th in navamsa, you have to see where Rahu is and in which house. You can not club both. Rahu gives the star lord results in its period. Hence your d.o.b, t.o.b and place of birth are required.
    JVS Rao
    KP astrolober

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