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    Ishita kumar


    This is my navamsa chart details pls tell when will I get married and how will be married life?
    House planets occupied
    Ascendant Scorpio venus (R) , Jupiter, ketu

    2nd SAGITTARIUS Mars
    3rd capricorn Moon
    4th Aquarius –
    5th pieces –
    6th Aries Sun
    7th Taurus rahu
    8th Gemini Saturn (R)
    9th cancer –
    10th Leo –
    11th Virgo –
    12th libra Mercury

    Is there intercaste love marriage?

    Thank you

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswaara rao

    You have to give rasi positions of planets.
    I think you are under a wrong impression that navamsa chart
    has to be seen for marriage.
    Rasi and navamsa charts have to be seen

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    Ishita Kumar

    The Rashi chart is as under

    Ascendant Scorpio –
    2nd. Sagittarius saturn(R)
    3rd. Capricorn. –
    4th. Aquarius Mars,Rahu
    5th. Pieces. –
    6th. Aries. Jupiter
    7th. Taurus. Sun
    8th. Gemini. Venus(R), Mercury
    9th cancer. –
    10th. Leo. Ketu
    11th. Virgo. Moon
    12th. Libra. –

    The navamsa chart is given in my above post…now pls analyse both the charts and help me.

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    JVS Rao

    Pls provide your date of birth, time of birth and date of birth. Your data is insufficient for timing of events.

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