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    I have saturn placed in Capricorn in 4th house and libra
    ascendant. Saturn is favourable in this situation, but I m facing lots of problem, no job , only delayed and delayed , not even interview calls..??
    dob 16/8/1991
    time 10.40 am
    pob belgaum , Karnataka

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    You have a Kemadruma Yoga and a Pravarjya Yoga and possibly that is why Saturn is not able to show its strength(50%). However when you get a job it will get you more money than what you actually deserve. And you will never have enemies, indebtedness etc. relating to the 6th house. And there will be quite a bit of travelling in your life.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    You correctly told that your Lagna is Libra(Tula) and Sani is in 4th house.
    Sani is retrograde.
    There are 4planets in 11th house.Guru,Sukra,Budha and kuja..
    Sun is in 10th house.Very good.
    Now you are running Sani dasa upto 2029.
    You are running now Sani-kethu dasa.
    Sani in own house in 4th house,gives maha yoga.
    But Sani is also seeing moon,which gives you
    frustration and melancholy,very often.

    Your question shows that you studied astrology and know
    that Sani is useful for you.
    You also read what is the effect of sani aspecting moon.
    You will get job in Sani-sukra period.

    You feed animals to get the negativity on moon.
    Feed different animals,not a single animal.

    You do penance for one year,to get over moon
    As you got 4 planets in 11th house,you will get benefits
    as you go on doing penance for more years.That 4planet
    is useful to give results if you do penance.

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