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Help!! capricorn woman confused by aries man

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    Help!! im in need of advice. Im a capricorn woman and i’ve been involved with an aries man for the last month recently he’s been ignoring me and the last time i messaged me he said “bye bih” and didn’t tell me why he’s upset with me. here’s some backstory to my situation. i have mutual friends with this aries let’s call him (craig). so my friend john and i went to a tailgate for football and i got plastered but i met this aries there “craig”. Craig and i ended up making out and then drunken grinded on each other for hours and after he wouldn’t leave my side and we walked back to our dorms together. Craig and i continued talking after this but just friendly nothing sexual. fast forward to 2 weeks after the fact I went out with friends and craig ended up coming with. one thing lead to another and all friends and i are in craig’s room. everyone leaves besides craig and i. next thing you know we’re in his bed making out and he fingers me. he wanted to have sex but being the capricorn i am i wanted to solidify our relationship more before i just gave myself totally to him. The next day after this we decide to all go out for a halloween party as friends. I was dressed sexy and he was red faced when he saw me but i still didn’t see him as anything but a friend until i saw the hickies i left on him. we went out but he didn’t pay any attention to me and next thing you know i see him make out with another girl. I got pretty angry at him but didn’t say anything until a week later when we got into a fight about me thinking he’s a whore. we fought but it was all sassy nothing super hurtful. Fast forward to 2 saturdays ago. I ended up going to see him after a night out but one thing lead to another and i had to leave before we could do anything. Later that night i ended up crying and somehow someone told him and he came and consoled me until i stopped crying. it was the sweetest thing. The next day i didn’t know what to say so i carried on with our usual banter not asking if we are anything. Im not sure if this mad him angry or what because after i tried to be normal he started to ignore me. I gave him space for 2-3 days and i messaged him about a silly snap story he put up just so i could try and initiate conversation. this is when he prompted to say “bye bih” and then not tell me what he was upset about.please help!!! im not sure what to do!! i want to make something of us but im too afraid to jump right into feelings as a capricorn!!

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    Navneet Khanna

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    Navneet Khanna

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