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Help for my chart

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    Help for my chart

    Navneet ji and TMR ji,

    Am married man. I have disturbance in my marriage life. Kindly help me in predicting the same.

    I want astrologers to help me and let me know if I have a separation/divorce yoga or second marriage yoga in my chart. Also kindly let me know if in which dasha I will face it critical.

    This knowledge will be helpful so I could use remedies beforehand which might minimize the issues.

    11 December 1976, Aleppey, 09:20 pm, Kerala.

    Hope you will help with your astrological knowledge.

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    Your 2nd, 5th and 10th houses are weak. Please tell whether you are a short tempered person. Do you have any children? And how is your career, satisfactory or not? Your answer would help in ascertaining the accuracy of the time of birth.

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    Help for my chart

    TMR ji,
    Thanks for your reply.
    Yes am short tempered. Career is good now and received a transfer in starting of my sun MD. No I dont have children.

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    I am afraid you may not be blessed with a child. And that could be a reason for a possible divorce or disturbance in marital life. Moreover your second house is also weak and you could be very temperamental and a person living with you might not find it easy to compromise particularly when no offspring has been possible so far.

    Perhaps you could come to terms with your problems and try for a more loving treatment to your spouse which could possibly sustain your relationship with her.

    All your other houses are potent except the 2nd, 5th and 10th house. Read my articles on which will give you details about what are signified by these houses.

    If you so desire you can have a scientific evaluation of your horoscope and the compatibility report with your wife through Premium Services using

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    Help for my chart

    Thanks a lot TMR ji.

    Navneet ji, I would be very grateful if I could also hear from you too about my Query. It would be very helpful. Please do take a look at my chart when you find time.

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    Help for my chart

    Navneet ji please do consider my query too. Please kindly find your time for my query.

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