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Help required

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    Dear Sir,
    My dob 14 aug 1992

    I am facing a lot of hard times where I have no control or decision over my life.
    I am very depressed and sad.
    I am a very religious person but now i am starting to question myself.

    I have no control over my life and do not have the right to take my own decisions.

    Will this problem continue in my life or will my it improve over time?

    Thank you

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    Hi geetanjali

    tell you city/place of birth in mauritious


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    Sorry place of birth moka-mauritius

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Your lagna is vrishabha.
    Kuja is a bad planet for your lagna.
    It is in lagna and seeing Sukra.
    It is a bad point.
    Guru is a bad planet for your lagna.
    Now you are running Guru period,
    upto 2028.
    Moon in 10th house is very good.
    Sani is also good for you.
    Your time will be better after a few years.
    You have to do penance for 6months to remove

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    What type,of penance,please?

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      Hello Geetanjali

      after studying ur chart i have the following conclusions

      Venus the lagna lord beung in own star and having directional strength is good..and its has some abilty to give ur strength( Due to vargottama status )and that’s great plus point…..In essence I can say that as lagna lord the main planet is strong your life is going to good in general exept for temporary difficult periods.
      Mars the enemy to lagna is placed in lagna and aspecting lagna lord that’s bad point from one angle as it will make you an aggressive person…….in ppl mind But it gives you strength in general to go on in life!!
      Mars is in star of 3rd lord moon and moon is inturn in mars mars can be controlled.
      Moon in mars star..are u an angry person ?
      Jupiter and venus in 4th house Kendra will make to sort of weak person who does not have enough strength to fight the adverse circumstances in life.
      Most planets are well placed…in ur chart..exept sun who is friends raasi but bad house….
      So things improve over time..
      Current dasa of Jupiter ( enemy to for lagna lord ) is till 2028..But good point is that its in venus star.
      Mercury period starts from may 2017 ..and this should bring some improvement in life in general
      Further improvement in life from aug 2020 on wards


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    Thank u sir,im sometimes an angry person not always.can u suggest me some malas or prayers?is there any chance of me working?i got a new job but some people do not want me to go.

    Thank u

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      hello Geetanjali

      This time period supports new job…as Jupiter in transit ( 5th house of Job change )aspects karma karaka and your 10th lord shani. And also labha house and your natal lagna …..
      During this rahu period till jan 16th 2017 you will get job…specially current month till 11th oct, again month of Nov end till dec 21 is also ok….

      The question you have put about Job prospects …saturn the 10th lord is retrograde meaning lot of hardwork needed .and you are also capable of Saturn is own house… its strong.But Saturn being hardtask master in general has its own hardway of giving you Job.
      Saturn is currently not giving you very good result due to its transit in vrichaka …But Jupiter aspect and strength is saving you though Jupiter is an enemy to ur lagna…prayers to shani ji Maharaj, Specially hanman Chalisa..will help , you can perform the prayer in Tuesday….being day deicated to Lord of mars ( it can take care to mars give it positive energy as its in lagan)
      Transit of sun is improving from oct 16th onwards .


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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Reg-your question about the nature of penance.
    1.You can do penance for 6months ,by observing fast
    once in a week.On the day of fast,you can eat any number
    of uncooked vegetables.
    2.Second type of penance is avoiding milk products,sweets,
    sweet fruits,nonveg,fish,eggs,dry fruits,liquors for 6months.
    You can take other types of foods.
    3.see in google-penanc method to clean horoscope.

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    Respected Satish…

    Can you please tell me about my career growth..
    Birth time 18:15
    place thane maharashtra
    date 8/10/1992

    Pls reply soon…
    thank you

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      Hello Me( pls write your name )

      You lagna is meena and lagan lord Jupiter in sun star, and occupying 7th house along with Sun.
      Jupiter being in sun star is good for you it can give you confidant personality.
      Due to moon is 12 th are somtines not able to take on the spot decisions specially regarding career..and rahu in 10th house gives confusion in career.
      But luckily you have Jupiter Saturn connection in natal chart…so your career will definetly improve.
      4th mars with ketu…do you some times get uncontrollable anger?
      Jupiter is currently transiting 7th house along with sun and mercury that must help you some better prospects Job wise. Nov , Dec 2016. And more improvements after Sept 2017
      Saturn and mercury dasa should be better..staring from may 2017
      Work related planet is Saturn which is retrograde implying that only very hardwork will fetch results…
      Saturn in own raasi is plus point.but transit Saturn is very it better to do pray to lord Hanumanji by reciting hanuman chalisa , work hard, control emotion during Saturn period till may 2017….
      You are in Saturn – Saturn and rahu dasa will jan 4th 2017 and there after starts Jupiter dasa till may you can expect some marginal improvement after jan 2017.( during Saturn – Saturn –Jupiter)


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    Thank u sir

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