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horary question- is he interested in me?

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    I was born 21.03.1990 at 12.10 pm (noon). I know I am very dynamic and etc. And I have Moon-Saturn conjunction which sometimes makes me depressed. But I am trying to fight with myself all the time.
    The problem is, its been a long time I haven’t had a boyfriends. Those are not months but years… I am 25 a, not looking like 25 though, and sometimes I think I behave as a child.
    There are boys that are interested in me ( and i know it) but I am not sure why they always ‘go back’ when I want sth more…
    Its like a game or something? I am very weak in relationship issues and when I see an interest it makes me more powerful and etc but then I see a person quitting this so I am let down.
    There is my friend who has been observing me for a looong looong time. He likes me but he doesnt do anything more. Like we do not have a social network connection, sometimes we send ‘funny’ pics to each other AND thats all.
    But when we see each other its always like smiling , talking, he seems to be interested in me and etc. And he always observes me… And I do not know what to do with it.
    So i make a horary question. Why has he been observing me for such long time? Why is he interested if he doesnt make a move? Or should I make a move first this time? What is going on here?
    Question was asked 12:13 ( noon) 8.06.2015 in Lodz, Poland
    I was born 21.03.1990
    he was born 10.09.1989

    I mean i like him but i know he knows A LOT of people, and sometimes I think he is not interested in ME but in ANY kind of a girl…
    SO pls tell me sth about it//

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    Ramachandran T M

    Looks like he has no serious intentions of getting married with you based on data supplied by you and using horary astrology. Nor is it favoured by the House of Luck or God’s blessings on the issue.

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