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How is my professional life in 2018

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    Will my profession increase or remain stagnant or decrease going ahead? will i earn more money in 2018.

    12 June 1988
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    You have a good horoscope with Jupiter conjunct Moon in 2nd house and 11th lord Saturn placed in 10th house aspected by Jupiter. Sun in 3rd house gives courage but Venus Mercury are deep combust as well losing their ability to give positive results.
    You have recently entered Rahu Mahadasha and Saturn antardasha from 19/5/2017 that will last until 25/3/2020. Saturn is lord of gains for your Pisces ascendant and placed in 10th house (although retrograde but aspected by lagna lord Jupiter making it good for you). Saturn is placed in star of Ketu and has Rahu as sublord showing excellent combination of professional success and chances of foreign travel since Rahu is placed in 12th house (given your Mars is in 12th house you will be more lucky in foriegn lands).

    As Rahu is moving to your 5th house end August, Ashtam Shani dhaiyya ends end Oct 2017 with Saturn moving to 10th house of career and Jupiter moving to 8th house expect changes at workfront and 2018 is more inclined towards upswing in career if due hardwork has been put in and will be put in.

    Astrologer Deepak

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