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How my Moon Mahadasha Goes

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    Bhagwati Lal

    Recenty I’m in moon mahadash, So how’s my Mahadasha Goes.
    from may 2014 to dec 2014 is not good time for me even i’m jobless on that time
    So can i progress in moon mahadasha in term of job or business

    Suggest me any remidies

    D.O.B – 14-03-1985
    Time – 2:30 PM
    Place – Bhilwara rajasthan

    Thanks in advance

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara Rao


    Your moon mahadasa means that you completed Sun Mahadasa.

    Your moon is the lagna lord and will not be bad for your growth/development.
    Though moon is a soft planet, it is posited 8th. from Al, which can give strong boost to your health, if you want to; you will take better care of your health.
    You will learn to stand on your own feet, rather than expect others help.

    Being very energetic, you will learn to divert the energy to the abovementioned areas, and also your karma as moon is in the 10thfrom atmakark.



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    Bhagwati Lal

    then why i’m jobless from may 2014 to dec 2014. Can i do business & when is good time to start it

    thanks for your time

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    Bhagwati Lal

    Hello Navneet sir,
    Can you help me please

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    Navneet Khanna

    First you have Gandmool dosha, I trust you much have done Gandmool Puja . As you are born under the Mula Nakshatra that makes you Gandmool born native. Second there is Kaalsarp dosha also in your horoscope and you are doing some remedies for that as well.

    You are presently in the period of Shani Sade satti which is never good. The Moon mahadasha is going on with Shani Sade satti indicates nervousness, depression and you will start many things but never bring them to the logical end.

    Yes you can do business, but it is better to take a job presently. Partnership is never recommended as per your horoscope.

    Doing the remedies of Moon and Saturn are strongly recommended.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Bhagwati Lal

    Thank you sir for your reply,
    I will do moon remedies, Jap of Beej Mantra 19,000 in 40 days & wear Iron ring for Saturn. It is enough or please you suggest me so i can follow you

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    Hello Sir please find some time for me

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    Try those remedies suggested by Navneet ji and let us see how things improve. If it does not, certainly we can have a fresh look at your stars.

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