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how to deal with day dreaming

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    hello sir . this is funny but real now i am fed with my life , i talk to myself , do day dreaming and have no concentration becaz of it i am unable to focus on my work , i just keep watching dreams, my friends they say ” kha ho jaati ho baar baar ” plz guide me what should i do ? my birth details are –

    date – 02/09/1986
    time 05.40 pm
    place- Lakhimpur – kheri ( u.p.)

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    Looks like you have become a drug addict. Either with your knowledge or without. Are you in the habit of eating tobacco in any form. You have a very powerful horoscope. But your Sun which gives vitality to an individual has only a poor strength of 3.37%. You must get up at 4 a.m and after bathing in cold water recite gayathrimantra 108 times everyday and practice Soorya Namaskara. You will be all right in 3 months time. If you do not do it, you can write off your life.

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    thank you Sir for replying but i am not drug addict nd i had never taken it in knowledge or without nd i am 100% sure about it . but yes i can say taht i am addict of my dreams nd i really want them to come true . Even I work on my dreams but leave them in the mid nd lost my interest soon becz of lack of concentration and now i am getting tired of it , unable to complete one task , can u suggest what shud i wear any stone that can help me , i do fast on Friday. .

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    Well that is good. You do as I had advised in my reply to you to get up early and chant Gayatrimantra and Soorya namaskar as is prescribed in Yoga. If you want a scientific evaluation of your horoscope do come through Premium Paid services.

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