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How will be married life of my daughter

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    Hello sir…hope u are doing good..actually i want to know in which year my daughter will get married..and i am very worried about her marriage
    Dob is 1/may/1993
    Tob is 2.45pm
    Place is new delhi

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    Navneet Khanna

    Looking at the horoscope of your daughter we see that Saturn rules the 7th house of marriage and Saturn is posited there in the 7th house. Generally Saturn gives late marriage however Saturn will transit Sagittarius and Saturn will aspect the 7th house from 26 January 2017. Thereafter this will be a strong period for marriage. You should try and you will see results in the period ahead.


    Navneet Khanna

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    You do not have to worry about the marriage of your daughter at all in the future since by the time she will get married it will be a “Cashless” and digital marriage. No money will have to change hands and you may not have to spend anything much for even the dress. Expensive dresses will be banned altogether and a simple uniform made of cotton or any other cheap material will be enforced for all. May be since India has such a large population, a childless marriage also could be enforced.

    However she has a fairly powerful horoscope but for Saturn having a poor residential strength. Among her houses, 12th house is the least powerful and this could to have some associated problems like what is signified by the 12th house, details of which are there in my blog or available on the internet.

    Wishing you best of luck.

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    Can you tell me something about her life partner and his financial position….thank you☺

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    Why are you worried about his financial position now. Money can come and go anytime. You want a loving husband for your daughter or you want a rich husband for her. Only after looking at the husband’s horoscope we can say anything about his financial future.

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