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Husband – Need Help

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    24th Dec 1998

    Hi namaste to the experts,

    Parents are looking for a groom for me, i love a guy but family doesnt agreed. Although i m young my parents wants to get me married within 1-2 years.

    I heard to know about spouse one must see upapada lagna. I dont know how to read about my spouse through that. I would be really grateful if anyone can read my upapada lagna and let me know about my future spouse. I just hoping it would be the person i love.

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    Yes, you are too young to think of married life and you should try to settle down with a career.

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    Sir i do understand…but parents are very keen in getting me married of due to my love issue. Career will only happen after my marriage for sure. It will be helpful if u can tell me how my marriage life will be? Will it be intercaste marriage or someone from my relative sir?

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    There is no meaning in inter caste system, because naked, we are all alike and nobody can say which caste he/she belongs to. Marriage life will be happy only if your spouse has a matching horoscope and there is no point in telling that your married life will be good. You cannot clap using one hand. Can you?

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