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I am a Manglik girl n the guy is Non Manglik

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    Taranpreet Sethi

    Girl(Taranpreet Sethi)
    1.40 am

    Boy(Abhimanyu Mahotra)
    2.40 am
    We both r dating each other since 4.5yrs Bt now when it came to r marriage the guys mom is creating a lot of trouble. She believes that his son will die or will have bad luck always. They hv shown my kundali in Jammu n there the pandits say we both can’t get married as the guy doesn’t have vivah yogh n Rahu Ketu is heavy on him. His mother has believed so much on that pandit that she is not listening to any one else. Can you please help me out with a solution how can I make his mom convinced? As it’s getting very difficult for both of us to get aparted.

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    You can ask her to read my blog particularly the article “Myths and misconceptions in Astrology” apart from looking at the scientific method of matching horoscopes which is given in my article “Marriage failures – How astrology can help you?”

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    Navneet Khanna

    The boy is also Mangalik, He is anshik Mangalik as he is mangalik from the Moon. As both chars have mangal dosha they are compatible.


    Navneet Khanna

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