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I can't bear this excruciating pain . Please Help Me

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    Pratim Chakraborty

    Sir ,
    My DOB – 5TH OCTOBER 1990
    TOB- 10 :31 A.M
    I have never been lucky in love life , The Girl i love has left me and Right now I’m Unemployed . I need a job this year to atleast try to win her back Else she will be married soon .
    I’m preparing for banking exams but now can’t concentrate on studies .
    can you tell me will i get job this year and when will i get married ?
    i’m dying sir every day

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    Read my blog to have an insight of astrology and how you can make use of it in life. We are not clairvoyants to foresee your future.

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      Close this forum, you guys don’t advice or help people in pain. Just show your attitude…

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    What do u think about astrology? Is it a tool made by god which can show anything we want?
    Will you get that particular job? This is not a question. U can ask which are the suitable career option to chose and when is your suitable time to get a job.

    And regarding love life. I have gone through such excruciating pain too. Dont try to get job to get her back, try to get it for urself, if she is the one you are destined for, she will come again.
    You are a matured man. Dont mix your emotions. And regarding married life.. It will be better if you match your birthcharts as a balancing mars will be required on the other chart.

    And astrologers here are very kind. They have to handle many request like this one. Tmr sir keeps replying almost and everyone. After clearing so many queries, one doesnt feel good to entertain such questions.

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    The problem with halwa is that he should be spoon fed every time though halwa is quite sweet. He cannot exercise his brain nor he tries to use it. If he reads my blog, he will understand the contexts under which Astrology can produce guidance. He expects we should answer all his questions which makes him happy. God help Him.

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