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ICWA course and Job or profession based om ICAW

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    Dear Sir
    I doing ICWA Final but whenever i am planning for study circumstance happened which takes me on another way so I want to have solution that whether I have to continue with final or doing job ( Now One good opportunity also with me for job.) And I never getting mental peace in my life
    So Sir pls advice me about above mentioned queries.

    DOB 09.06.1982
    TIME 02AM

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    You are already 35 years and if you have a good job opportunity now, grab it and you can try to write the final exam while working if you find some time to study. Your Mercury is powerless and this affects your mathematical and mental faculties which is highly necessary to get through ICWA. You have a very powerful horoscope otherwise and you will do well in career front. Read my blog to know more about scientific astrological evaluations

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    Retrograde and combust Mercury, retrograde Jupiter & Ketu afflicted moon are not good for intelligence/grasping abilities.

    You have been unders Mars mahadasha from 16/7/2011 and while Mars is yogakaraka for your ascendant, but its placed in 6th house in Chalit thereby not giving success and stability. You are under peak SadeSaati since Aug 2015 and Saturn transiting your 10th house in October 2017 will give you a new launch (with tremendous hardwork). Better opportunities will come once Saturn reaches 10th house in October 2017.

    You will start Rahu Mahadasha from 16/7/2018 for 18 years and Rahu is very strongly placed in 4th house (with combination for professional success in nakshatra and sublord).

    As Mr. TMR mentioned, you would do well!

    God bless!

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