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Importance of Birth Time

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    How much the Birth time is important in Astrology for Prediction.

    How much difference of time can be comprised for the prediction purpose.

    I checked in some internet website which produces instant birth chart, it stated my Ascendant as Leo, Rashi Aries.

    I was born at 01.59 Am. But when I input the birth time as 01.00 Am then also it states that Ascendant as Leo, Rashi as Aries & Planet positions is also same.

    Then the person born with Half an hour before to me will also have the same birth chart right.

    Please suggest

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    Birth charts as you see it is only a map of the zodiac at the time of your birth. The principle of astrology is no two births can happen at the same time at the same longitude and latitude. For more details read my articles on

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    I read your Article. it made to come with this doubt.

    If it is a Twin Birth with difference of 5 minutes.
    Then both may have the same chart.

    My Real life Experience. My schoolmates one Non-identical Female twins, Now one of them had got arranged marriage long back & another is trying for Love.

    Please explain me through your Principle of Astrology.

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    5 minutes difference in birth times can cause a hell a lot of difference in the evaluation of two horoscopes. You may have similar charts, but the strengths of planets and houses could be considerably different. The longitudes and latitudes of planets will certainly differ and this could lead to difference in timing of events. Please read all the articles and you will understand the depth of astrology. In 5 minutes the planetary positions could be thousands of kilometers varying in the zodiac. Also read “Definitions in Astrology” particularly the definitions of marriage. Do not try to generalize deep rooted science like astrology with your very limited knowledge.

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