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income and family health

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    Mayank Gupta


    Last 2 years have turned out to be nightmare for me. It started a week before Diwali 2013. My business is down for 2 years. There is no income for more than 18 months. I provide content/articles to websites and also have a travel website through which I try to make money by advertising and commission for booking.

    Not only my income is zero but my family’s health has become a major issue in 2 years, especially mother and sister. Our savings are fast running out due to unexpected expenses and medical bills. Sir please help me out. What should I do so that my family is healthy and I start to make money. I am wearing a stone in index finger called Sunhala. I was told that this is subsitute of Yellow Sapphire of Jupiter. I am wearing it in silver ring for several years. Please tell me some solution for family health and that my business is stable and generate income.

    DOB – 29-5-1987
    Time – 3:26 AM
    Place – Delhi

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    Mayank Gupta

    Sir, its been very tough period for me since 2014. Kindly give some solution.

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    Navneet Khanna

    Your period till December 2017 is going to be challenging. You are in the mahadasha of Jupiter and the antardasha of Mercury. Mercury is the lord of the 6th house which is functional malefic. During this period you should avoid taking loans as giving back the same would not be easy. You should also avoid giving money to others, as you could be cheated. The period is not good on the work front. This is going to be a period for intense pressure. However there will be support from people you know. This is the period for facing challenges and taking them head on. You need to diversify into something which is more lucrative. The Mercury antardasha should see you diversify. You can take something related to real estate, commission work and also dealing with marketing.

    There is Guru Chandal dosha in your horoscope and because of that loss and wasteage of Money is there. You should do the remedies of Jupiter and Rahu. The stones that you are wearing is fine.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Mayank Gupta


    I am really grateful for your reply. Could you please suggest the solution for Jupiter and Rahu? Should I wear zircon (gomaid). I was wearing it till the mahadasha of rahu.

    Is there any good thing for me in the future or my life would remain a struggle especially with business. I also want to point out that I moved to my own house in October 2013 and since then I have been facing problem one after the another. Do you think that house didn’t suit me?

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    Mayank Gupta


    What are the solutions for Rahu and Jupiter. Is Sunhala sufficient for Jupiter? Should I wear zircon for Rahu? Will this curb the wastage of money?

    Are there other options for business apart from marketing and commission based work? Most options under marketing and commission require certain qualifications. Its too late for me to obtain that.

    Is there no scope in my current businesses that I mentioned earlier?

    Can I reduce the negativity of the current period through some solution?

    Would be grateful if you can answer that.

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    Mayank Gupta


    What is the solution for Rahu? Please do tell. Also is there a way to reduce negativity of current period?

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