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Interior Designing as a career.

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    Rosalind Gomes

    My DOB is April 5 1971 at Howrah in West Bengal at 2:15am.

    I wanted to know if I could pursue Interior Designing as a career in the coming years? Could I do it at least a part-time enterprise as I am working in Finance at this point.
    I was also told by a very reputed astrologer that I would lose my present job by April next year as my dasha is changing to Mahadasha of Sun from Shukra and I should try and change my job before that. Should I do it?

    Thank you so much.

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    Rosalind Gomes

    Could I please get a reply?
    Thanks so much…

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    These are all technical questions which cannot be answered using Astrology. Astrology only can evaluate your horoscope and get an idea of how potent your various houses are and the net happiness in life. We do not have means to answer such specific modern questions. If we could do that, we could as well give treatment for a disease without going to a doctor. Read my blog to get to know what is the scope of astrology. Perhaps you should ask your reputed astrologer for a detailed reply.

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