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interpret my dreams

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    can somebody please interpret my dreams. past 2 years after seeing dreams i fall ill it happens very often and i fall ill. The last two dreams which i saw after my birthday were:-

    1. i saw my ex bf getting married.
    2. i saw a lady wearing sari with a bindi on her forehead she gave me sweets to eat i wanted to avoid in my subconscious but in dream i happily ate it.
    After these two dreams i had a hair fall and fever and then i was ill for 10 days high fever weakness with no cause. every time it happens with every three four months me falling ill. all dreams are felt by me as if i am living them

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    Dear guest,

    In your previous birth you were a boy who had cheated your girl and went ahead with marrying someone else and she had then cursed you that she will haunt you life after life. Now that you must be nearing marriageable age and she appears in your dreams and the fear psychosis in you dormant gets wide awakened which leads to hallucinations of this sort resulting in your being sick for a few days.

    Perhaps you will get married to that boy of yesterlife (as a girl) and the dream could be an indication to that happening in future possibly.

    This is just an interpretation of your dream and could remain a dream. Wear a black string reinforced by blowing Gayathri manthra 108 times into it.

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    Dear Sir,
    thanks for interpreting my dream. I’m just want that it should never bother me again. Please tell me what else I can do to avoid this dream from bothering me again.


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    Recite Narayanakavacha before bed time 3 times.

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    Thanks you very much TMR sir,

    God Bless you for doing such a noble work.

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