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Is he worth it, or should I run away?

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    Hello. I met a guy a few months ago – at office – and I have never ever felt like this before( like an electric bum) – my Uranus trine his Venus, my M.C. conj his south node opposite his lust, his South node conj my Pshyche and my south node conj his Karma. Also his Pluto in aspect to my sun, moon, venus(wide), and my Pluto aspects (150 degree) his Mars. He has Pluto in scorpio opposite his sun, eros.
    I just NEED TO KNOW if the feeling is mutual, or is just me(so I should let go and move on).
    Please, help me…

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswaara rao

    What you wrote is greek and latin to me.
    I think you are talking western astrology.
    I know only Indian astrology.
    In essence,what you are asking is -Can you proceed with
    that particular friend?
    Do one thing.
    You eat only uncooked vegetables for one week.
    YOu have to avoid milk products,nonveg,fish,eggs,
    liquors etc for one week.
    Then you soul will show whether you can proceed with
    your emotions.

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