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Is my horoscope powerful? Am I likely to achieve my career goals?

Home Forums Astrology Forum for Free Horoscope Reading and Predictions Is my horoscope powerful? Am I likely to achieve my career goals?

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    Hello. I’d like to thank you for creating this opportunity to ask bothering questions and actually get replies, because a lot of astrologers are not that eager to share their knowledge for free.

    Now getting to the point, I would only like to know if my horoscope is “powerful” and if I’m likely to achieve my desires in terms of career, wealth and social position. Specifically, I want to be a musician/writer, maybe an actor. Will people follow me and look up to me or will I be disliked? I was born on June 22nd 1995, at 10:22 in Szubin, Poland.

    Have a blessed day.

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    Why astrologers are reluctant to give you advice free is primarily because it takes more than 30 minutes to evaluate a horoscope even with a computer at your disposal and doing it free is not a practical proposition.

    You have a powerful horoscope with around 60% potency. You will be very well known and will outshine in your career. You will be very rich and you will never be short of money. You will be liked by all whom you come across.

    Sun, Moon and Jupiter are powerful benefics in your horoscope while all others have a tendency to be a malefic. You will succeed in professions signified by the above planets details of which can be found on my blog or in the internet if you search for it.

    Your marital life may be a failure if you are not very careful. Also you could be an alcoholic and spoil your digestive system related organs like liver, stomach and gall bladder etc.

    For the full details which we can mail to you, please come through Paid services.

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    Thank you very much for your answer. 🙂

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