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Is this kundli really have "BAD LUCK"

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    As per my efforts, I think I can earn hell lot, I have good skills admire everywhere. BUT (a big BUT) I am not getting results, I always get stuck at 90%, everywhere.

    Pandits told me by seeing my kundly that it is due to my “BAD LUCK” in kundli (Guru, shank, mangal and rah in ninth house).

    Is it really so 🙁

    Now, I also think it is, as if this was not the case I would have a good businessman and would be earning a lot.

    Here is my birth chart


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    Navneet Khanna

    Please provide your complete Birth details for Horoscope analysis.


    Navneet Khanna

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      Thank you for reply at least ( I was least expecting )

      My birth details are as follows

      Date : 7 April 1980
      Time: 1:50 AM
      Place: Udaipur Rajasthan (India) [There are more then two Udaipur, in various softwares ] Correct one is 24.32N, 73.44E

      Also I want to know, do remedies works ???

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Guru and rahu combination is very bad.
    Strong evil forces encircled your luck.
    The bad yoga is called Guru chandala yoga,which
    is very bad for luck.
    Further ,Rahu is also spoiling other planets,as
    you wrote that Rahu is with three other planets.
    You have to do penance for 2 years,to reduce Rahu
    See the article on penance-kumrao99 penance method.

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      Hello K.Umamaheswara

      I am not an astrologer, but what i read so far shows, Guru+Rahu does make ahandal yoga, but this is not always as bad. As per probability it is very common. But apart from what is there, I am more interested in any remedies, if any.
      Thats what I only can do now.

      Some pandits said me to wear Manik in silver (as gold is not good due to some rahu effect here for me)

      some japs of rahu, shani, guru and mangal are suggested.

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    Navneet Sir,
    TMC Sir !!!

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    You are being guided by wrong evaluations and there is little point in doing the remedies suggested by a fake astrologer.

    Planet Strength Good% Bad% Lifeless Nature Net Strength

    Sun 86.88 73.38 15.70 10.92 Benefic 77.39
    Moon 74.25 32.22 48.17 19.62 Malefic 59.69
    Mars 97.55 13.93 31.42 54.65 Malefic 44.24
    Mercury 68.26 21.20 78.80 0.00 Malefic 68.26
    Jupiter 44.96 79.42 17.34 3.25 Benefic 43.50
    Venus 33.48 51.88 27.91 20.20 Benefic 26.71
    Saturn 100.00 78.03 15.21 6.76 Benefic 93.24
    Rahu 70.50 73.38 15.70 10.92 Benefic 62.80
    Kethu 77.30 78.03 15.21 6.76 Benefic 72.08

    Net 77.49 55.72 29.49 14.78 Benefic 66.03

    Read my “Are there remedies in Astrology?” on

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