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    Dear Sir

    Sex Male, DOB: 12th June 1968, 4:13 P.M., Vadodara, Gujarat, India (22 18 N, 73 12 E)

    1) I have recently lost my job.
    2) I am looking for a new job.
    3) My only source of income is job (no business or no any other sources of income).
    4) Finding a job has always being very difficult for me.
    5) Again after getting a job, retaining it for some longer time period (3-5 years) has been very very difficult for me.
    6) I have remained unemployed (without any personal income) in between job changes for many a times for many months at a stretch.
    7) On account of Rahu Mahadasha (2000-2018) and 10th Lord being Moon Planet and that also in 3rd House, I have gone through many hardships in my life – frequent job changes

    1) My Rahu Mahadasha (Vimshottari Mahadasha) has ended on 24.05.2018 and Jupiter Mahadasha began.
    2) Relationship between Venus and Jupiter (Ascendant Lord and Jupiter-Current Mahadasha) – Venus is neutral to Jupiter while Jupiter is enemy to Venus

    Based on both the above points, and my Ascendant Birth Chart, Navamsha Birth Chart and Moon Sign Birth Chart and Sun Sign Birth Chart if required, kindly advise me as accurately as you can regarding my following query.

    1) When am I likely to get a new job now ? If possible please predict most probable dates in different months.
    2) Based on astrology, will it be short term (3-6 months) or some longer duration (3-5 years) ?
    3) Upto my what age (my age in years eg. age 58 years or 60 years etc.) am I likely to get job and able to earn money ?

    This will help me in Financial Planning as much as I can.

    I shall be thankful to you if you can give me a detailed answer with planetary positions – their degree, minutes, aspects, transition of planets etc.

    Please advise

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