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    sir i completed my computers
    is there any chances to get the govt. or bank job this year???
    dob 13.11.1987
    time 07.35 Am
    place anantapur andra pradesh
    pls sir answer…..

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    The question you have asked does not impress one who reads it and gives great doubts about your knowledge in English language though you are a M.Sc degree holder in Computer Science. I am sure your applications for jobs will be thrown to the waste paper basket with this sort of presentation.

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    Namastee Sir,
    Ok sir thanku. I can rectify the my Mistake and Way of Presentation as given above.
    Extremely sorry for that. Hurry to ask the Question as i known in my horoscope Buddhaditya yoga is there.To chance getting a govt job
    Thanku you..

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    I am giving below the strength and nature of your planets.
    Planet Nature Net effect

    Sun Malefic 8.76
    Moon Benefic 39.88
    Mars Malefic 8.86
    Mercury Benefic 75.17
    Jupiter Malefic 0.20
    Venus Malefic 72.92
    Saturn Benefic 9.63
    Rahu Malefic 51.38
    Kethu Benefic 64.78

    Net Malefic 35.80

    There are no chances of getting a job under the government. Your career house also is very weak and you cannot expect getting a glamourous job. Simple data entry work or content writing is the best to meet your expenses in life.

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    Hello suguna

    you must work hard for govt job. you have chances to succeed in govt job from march 2019 to feb 2020.
    you are intelligent but lack confidance .so should become more smart working .


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    Thanku so much sir…Great hope in my life.

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