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Job and career, Please help me

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    Hello Sir,
    My name is Naveen Teja,I am.going in a bsd phsse of my life. I cant able to find a job even I had higher education. Day by day I am going in to depression. Please could you let me know when will I get a job and how would be my future. Is my life full of sorrows ?These are my details sir
    Name : Naveen Teja
    DOB : 03 September 1992, 05:31 AM
    Place : Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
    , India
    Please help me out sir

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    You have already been answered on 17 May 2017 for the same question on another topic. Do not post questions again and again till you get your desired answer. Astrology is not to satisfy you with answers you would like, it is a tool to evaluate yourself.

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