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job related

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    navneet sir.. when will i receive a job? before time frame and after time frame of receiving a job exactly??

    dob- april/11/1987
    tob- 9.09 am
    place- kolpity- sri lanka
    lagna- taurus
    mars main dasha mercury sub dasha spending
    gender- female

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    Navneet Khanna

    Looking at your horoscope it is seen that you are in the main period of Mars which is the 12th house lord and Mercury which is debilitated in your natal chart. You also have Rahu and Jupiter conjoined forming the Guru Chandal dosha, Jupiter is the kakra for husband and wealth, problems on this front will can there. Sun and Rahu conjoined form the Gharan dosha. Surya is the karka for profession / career while Jupiter is the karka for wealth, therefore being conjoined with Rahu there would be problems of both. Therefore you should do the long term remedies of Jupiter, Sun and Rahu.

    The period till March 2016 is difficult, however chances of a job are very much after July 2015. Just take a job without being to choosy and latter on try to find a better one. Once this period is over and after the remedies you would see much better period ahead.


    Navneet Khanna

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