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Jobless at 30

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    I have a history of depression and suicide. My parents separated and later divorced. I went through a lot of downs (and minor ups). After 7 yrs of professional experience… I quit my job in September 2017. I was in a relationship and that ended as I was stressed and depressed. After that I quit my job and since then I am jobless. I tried really hard but am not successful.

    I visited many astrologers but all of them said there is no problem in my kundali. But such a thing happening to a 30 year old man. Being jobless. Left alone in life. Depressed and suicidal is a big thing.

    Please advise what to do now. I dont want to end up a failure in life. Worse… dead.

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    You must see a clinical psychologist and he can put you at ease. You are a professional and should not give up so easily. You will get a job soon. Keep on trying. Your horoscope is a bit weak on many fronts. Net strength of the horoscope is around 32% only which shows your overall success factor

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    Navneet Khanna

    Looking at your horoscope we see that there is Kaalsarp dosha in your horoscope and also Kemdruma dosha. Kemdruma dosha is formed when there are no planets on either side of the Moon. Moon is the significator of the Mind. Moon is weak in your horoscope indicating a person with deep emotional, psychological, mental problems. Because of this you will be full of negativity, depressed and unhappy.

    Moreover you were in the mahadasha of Saturn which was weak in transit. However Saturn has transited into Sagittarius and you will see positive changes after 8th November.

    You should do the remedies given below and you will be able to change your life for the better.

    1. Keep fast on Mondays
    2. Drink water in a Silver Glass
    3. Visit Shani Temple every Saturdays


    Navneet Khanna

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    Hi Anubhav
    your natal chart has good and bad combinations. in any chart we have god & bad combinations… but what happened or happening is your bad combinations have more energy than good combinations… That’s why many astrologers said no problem in kudali

    Rahu and moon combined in the 2nd house and 3rd lord mars in badhaka sthana is the reason for SUICIDE ATTEMPTS

    you have gajakesari yoga from the moon langna, where moon and Jupiter raised at same degrees!!! but Jupiter is retrograde and malefic planet rahu combined them and spoiled the yoga and also that rahu spoiled your family life(parents).

    presence of moon and Jupiter in the second house made you good and polite speaker
    the way you written your query shows how clearly you communicate with others !

    Saturn the lagna and the 12th lord (one of the house for depression) in 10th house and aspecting the 12th house and the 8th lord (main house for depression ) joined it !! on positive side it makes you talented and you will have good grasping power too but 12th and 8th house combination makes one to loose control over their brain !!!

    lets have a silly example … scientists should have good brain capacity because they think over the same situation repeatedly in different views/angles, but what if they have bad situations in home (happened to you) can they keep their concentration on work, no without control over mind no one can control their life. why i taken scientists because they too have same combinations 8th house and 12th house, but by god’s grace they have good situations around them or may they created good situations around them.

    Lets see you have good combinations in your kundali and good situtions in your life. you don’t be here asking these question. so, its not only your kundali, the bad situations in you life are also the main reason for bitterness in your life.

    how to get good from the astrology… its the Dasa Period decides the situations of our life..

    Right now you are in Venus mercury dasa mercury the 8TH LORD combined with 10th lord mars(in bhava).. you lost your job… after this dasa, Venus ketu dasa starts.. this dasa will bring positive in you life with new job opportunities.

    First of all please do go to shivalay on Mondays and perform Abishek for lord shiva.. Show milk in glass to moon for few mintutes every night and drink that milk it will give you good sleep. (very good remedy)

    Read Hanuman Chalisa every day(morning & evening) you will get you job back & it increase courage in bad situations

    Every Saturday/Tuesday go to navagrahas and do pradhashinas around them reciting rahu and ketu beeja mantra… if possible do it everyday continuously for 40 days.
    better perform rahu-ketu shanti pooja, removes all kind of mental tensions…

    on Saturdays donate 1 kg sesame seeds to purohit in shanineeswar temple for 7 weeks.. Saturn is you lagna and 12th lord in 10th brigs you great luck in career and not harm will happen to you life. negative will reduce day by day…

    Do all the above said for 3 months. after you next birthday you will see great changes!!!! consult a psychiatrist immediately depression is also a health issues. positive talks don’t cure malaria/typhoid because there is problem body in same way depression is happening inside you medical cure and counseling is needed.

    All the best brother, i had read your chart and written this article with remedies and it taken 1 and half hour for me so please follow remedies with trust on god and see the positive changes in life.

    Om Namah Shivaya

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    Thanks all for suggestions. I was asked a few months back to wear pukhraj in gold ring on right index finger. The day I did… I resigned from my job due to stress and since then Im jobless. The interviews Ive given I wasnt selected. Its been 2 months now.

    I cannot perform religious rituals as I dont believe in that. But I just wanted to know if the period is good or bad. In my experience, Ive always consulted astrologers and when they said the time is bad… it was bad, and all my hardwork went to waste. When it was good… It was great even with zero hardwork.

    I was shocked when 1-2 astrologers face to face told me time is alright. First it was retrograde period. Then it became after 6th Oct you will get a job. Still hasnt happened. It means time period is bad.

    I will endure as long as I can. Then I dont know. Thanks for your feedback and responses. I have tried suicide 4 times previously. And I believe not every life is meant to continue. It is a courageous act if one is doing it for the better. Maybe I wasnt good in my profession and life gave me this punishment.

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