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jobless for the past 6 month

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    Dear Sir,

    I lost my job Jan 2014 Still now i didn’t get any job I am searching vigorously but I couldn’t succeed, I am struggling for food.
    I have only one Small Kid, some of the astrologers are saying due to my daughter horoscope is the only reason for my jobless situation.

    My name : K.Saravanan
    DOB :28-10-1980
    Day: Tuesday
    Place: chennai ( madras)
    Raasi: Mithunnam ( gemeni)
    Nakshtra : Thiruvathirai (arudra)

    My Daughter Name: Poshika Sri
    DOB: 19.12.2011
    Time: 8.20 PM
    Place: Trichy
    Raasi: Kaani ( vigro)
    Naksahtra: Chitra Nakshatra

    Most of the astrologers said I will get the job sure after this guru peyarchi but After guru peuyarchi only my situtation goes to bad cant have money to feed my kid.

    Please Please analyse and let me know when can i get the job where can I get,

    Looking forward to hear form you ASAP.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Navneet Khanna

    Your child was born in December 2011 and you lost your job in January 2014, why you blame your innocent child for the problems in your life. You are blaming someone else for your malefic planets and bad time. Rahu and Saturn are posited in the 11th house of gains for the past 18 months and 2 ½ years respectively nullifying good things that are supposed to happen in your life. The period after 15 July turn better with good results coming your way after 2 November 2014 after Saturn transits into Scorpio. You are also in the mahadasha of Saturn and Ketu now till June 2015 and Saturn and Mercury earlier on. Doing the Saturn remedies will truly help.

    Navneet Khanna

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    Hi Thanks for your reply.

    I am not thinking due to my kid only I lost the job, I have Checked with the Astrologer here they are saying my kid is in Satrun 7.30 period that is the reason I lost the job.

    so can you please tell me when can i get placed so that I can plan my financial positions.

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    Navneet Khanna

    Your Daughter is in the period of Sadesatti and that will show in her horoscope. Her health will need attention and care. However it should not do anything on your horoscope. Your horoscope suggest your destiny and you need to improve them with doing appropriate remedies.


    Navneet Khanna

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    Thank you very much sir.

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    Gautam Roy

    Hello I am Gautam Roy.I have Capricorn Ascendant.Saturn and mars are together in my tenth house and my Venus is in 12th house but weak. My problem about unstable career.What remedy I do for stability of my career.

    DOB – 7.2.1984
    Time – 6.00 AM
    Place – Ranchi,Jharkhand

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