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Jobless since November 2015

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    Respected all,
    I have been jobless about 1.5 year. I have been sending resume but all went in vein.
    Please help me.

    Date of birth: 24th October 1988
    Time of birth: 10.59AM
    Place of birth: Chittagong, Bangladesh

    Thanks a lot.

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    Your current period of Venus is malefic which lasts till 2023. The sub period of Saturn till 2019 will fetch you a good job. Chances are very much there for you to shine in your job since you have a very powerful Bhadra Yoga. But you should try to get a job in a far away place from the place of birth. Read my blog

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    There is some negativity in horoscope.
    You have to eat only uncooked vegetables
    after 6pm,for 6months.
    You will get a job.

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