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Jupiter direct

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    Hello all. Will this jupiter transit help me mmarry the one i love?
    15 July 1992
    Mumbai. Thank you. Shall wait for your reply

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    Jupiter is very weak in your horoscope and is unlikely to help you in marriage. However you have a good horoscope. Look at the strength and nature of your planets.

    Planet Nature Net effect

    Sun Benefic 84.42
    Moon Benefic 67.45
    Mars Benefic 76.59
    Mercury Benefic 35.90
    Jupiter Benefic 3.72
    Venus Malefic 63.26
    Saturn Benefic 36.78
    Rahu Benefic 76.57
    Kethu Benefic 86.91

    Net Benefic 64.32

    To my mind you will get truly married in 2023. Ensure that horoscope matches well.

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