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JVs Rao Ji, Navneet Ji

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    Health issue

    I am a female

    recently I am facing frequent pain in lower abdomen which goes to legs Dr are not able to diagonise they are saying it might be due to muscle pain.

    I want to know according to kundli does my chart shows any major health problem
    15.03.1990, 11.50 a.m, agra

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    YOur lagna is Midhuna.
    Eighth house is occupied by very bad planets,kuja and rahu.
    YOu can be cured by leaf juice therapy in 40 days.
    Please see in google-kumrao99 holistic healing.

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    P is just my first letter. My name is prashant sharma (father). I give my details 24-12-1986 3:25AM,delhi. Please tell My baby daughter born on 6.6.2017 12:27Pm Delhi. Please tell her name alphabet or kundli. Please suggest some name which good for her. Hows lucky for me. And tell her first name alphabet

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

    dear prashant sharma,
    Your baby’s lagna is Simha and star is Swati. The planet which supports the native is Jupiter aspected by Mercury and Sun which gives all gains. Hence it is advised to select the name connected to Jupiter like Lakshmi Narasimha.

    Good Luck
    JVS Rao

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

    madam (reg health issue),
    You are running Saturn dasa and Saturn Bhukti upto 29-03-2018.
    Saturn is in 8th bhava in the sign Dhanus (Thighs in zodiac). But Saturn is in the star of Sun (signifies Femur, arteries) in 10th in Meena (watery sign – Feet in Zodiac) and sub of Rahu in 8th bhava in Makara (sign of knee) conjoined with Venus (lord of 12th) and Mars (lord of 6th).
    The above factors are signifying your sickness in the lower parts giving pains. As Saturn is involved, diagnosis would be late. I hope there would be blockages in the veins.
    Mercury bhukti starts from 29-03-2018. You will get complete relief in this period. You have to wait till then.
    May God give you speedy recovery.
    JVS Rao

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    Health issue

    are there chances of any reproductive problem as well

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    Eighth house represents reproductive region.
    Yes,problems in reproduction are also possible.

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    Health issue

    Rao Sir, Navneet Sir please guide

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    Health issue

    JVS Rao sir plz guide

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    Health issue

    JVS Rao Sir

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    You could take treatment for Varicose Veins too by initially going to an Ayurvedic Doctor and confirm the disease. Your weak Mercury coupled with Moon as per Medical Astrology could lead you to acute varicose veins problem coupled with osteoporosis

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