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JVS Rao Sir Please help ! Went through a divorce, need your precious guidance!

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    Namaste Sir,

    I got married in 2012 December(love marriage) and got divorced in 2016 March. It was a mutual. I am very sad with this events in personal life, I am unable to forget the past and move forward in life. Due to all sad thoughts, I cannot concentrate on work, no peace of mind and happiness.

    My parents are suggesting for re-marriage. My ex-wife reached out to me a month ago, asking if we could try again. She has tried to move on and is working in USA. I feel scared to give any commitment to anyone ,as I tried for 7 long years before getting separated.

    Could you please predict my future, Any chances of remarriage ? Or is it correct to get back to past relationship?

    DOB: 11th Septmeber 1981
    TOB: 2:30 PM(afternoon)
    POB: Patna, Bihar
    Current Location: Hyderabad Telangana
    Gender: Male

    Thank You!

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    Your Kalathrakaraka (Significator of Wife) Venus has a near zero residential strength and this has therefore made your marital life totally powerless. And it will continue so. Nothing to worry about it, there are many like you including our PM.

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    As per your birth details Dhanur Lagna, Thiruvonam Star, Magar rasi. Currently running Guru dasa from 31/03/2009.
    Your Seventh Lord Mercury is with Guru and Saturn in 10th house, All standing Moon star of Hastham, Moon is your 8th Lord sitting in 2nd house of family with ketu spoiled family life, During Jupiter and Ketu dasa divorce also seen.
    Moon played spoil sport by having Moon Moon Star of thiruvonam and other 3planets mentioned. Also Sublord for Moon is Ketu also for Jupiter Ketu.
    Once you have Venus Bukthi and Saturn Antara dasa next year after july there is possibility of second marriage.
    To over come Moon issue you have worship Goddess Saraswathy and Fast on Monday offer white flower, Milk to over come this issue.

    Best Wishes
    Ananda Kumar
    Astrologer Kumar

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

    Mr RK
    In your chart 7th sub lord Mercury is not signifying more than one marriage. You will continue your relationship with tensions.

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    sorry to hear your situation. You should look at situation from two angles

    * Logic and rational point of view that a person who left you stranded in marriage once cannot be relied upon. Its better to move on and start afresh vs trying to fix a broken relationship

    * Astrologically your horoscope is good for marriage and I moved time by +030 mins to account for time correction. Reason for divorce is as Mr Anand Kumar mentioned i.e. close conjunction of Jupiter, Mercury and Separative Saturn in 10th house + Saturn as 8th lord from house of marriage aspecting 7th house.

    Also you will have two marriages as 7th house is in dual sign + 7th lord is Mercury with Jupiter as nakshatra lord and is positioned in another dual sign of Virgo with Jupiter! Cuspal sublord of 7th house changes to Mercury if we take time as 14.40 and to Mercury if we take time as 14.20 (which is plausible given time of birth is rarely correct).

    Jupiter Venus period that has started from 25/1/2017 and will run till 26/9/2019 is a decent time for re-marriage especially post October as Jupiter moves to 11th house and Saturn will enter your ascendant thereby promising a fresh start + rebuilding your mindset (you also start sadesati).

    Current Jupiter Mahadasha from 18/2/2009 till 18/2/2025 is best period of your time from growth and career pov. As you start your sadesaati, change is the only guarantee.

    May god bless you,
    Astrologer Deepak

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