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JVS rao sir please help

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    Dear Sir
    Please help me in terms of prediction please help me sir please dont think i am asking so many question please help

    I finished my graduation in 2005 in Engineering Electrical i went for job in March 2006 after that i changed nearly 5 organization finally working with quosi government organization in chennai still nov 2012 but no satisfaction and stability in job for me.
    1.Whether i will work in this organisation upto my retirement 58th year or any change of job for me,also i applied for government job which is autonomous body which is in gurgaon dont know whether they will call me for interview and give job please thorough some light on this if any change when.
    2.Can you please tell i want to study law and practise as an advocate whether my horoscope supports that if yes when.
    3.Can you please tell about my married life whether i will get married if yes when please tell about my future wife family status and distance
    Birth details :
    2nd april 1984
    time :11.45 am
    place :chennai/Madras birth

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    J V S RAO

    dear raman,
    I have gone through your chart. Your lagna is Mithuna and Rasi is Meena. You are very imaginative and deep in your thoughts. You feel solitude and can not mingle freely with anybody. But your ideas are noble and you like discipline. If anything is against your wish you can not adjust and burst out at once. As no one likes your policy you will be away from them.
    As you asked regarding job, there are chances for job changes. In your case, you can not get money in lumpsum but in instalments. you may get a Govt Job.
    You may start your independent profession in Moon period 04-06-2020 to 04-06-2030.
    You have the chances of getting Post Graduation.
    Regarding you marriage, your life partner would be from your close relatives
    or from your local area. There are feeble chances in this year. 2018 second half is good for marriage.

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    Dear Rao sir,

    thank for your reply.

    Please tell me only this for a small clarification regarding your analysis.

    1.Please tell me when u r seeing me chances of getting government job.
    2.Please tell me whether i can study law and practise in court in future. if yes when i can study and when u see this happening.

    Please reply only for this question.

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    JVS rao sir please

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    J V S RAO

    I am preoccupied with my urgent personal work, hence i will reply within a couple of days.

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    Rao ji please help by predictions

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    J V S Rao

    dear raman,
    it seems you are so inclined to do law and practice as a lawyer. God has given you the chance to complete law and practice. It should be in Moon dasa only which starts from 04-06-2020.
    This period Sun dasa and Saturn bhukti which is upto 23-03-2018, circumstances force you to change the job or go on leave or go for education. But you can not leave the job. Saturn is lord of 8th (house of disappointments, sudden events) is in the 5th (house of negating to regular attendance 6th). But 8th cusp sublord Rahu is connected to 11th and 12th house. That is the reason you could not get job satisfaction. In any worst situation you think, you will come out, because of Rahu.
    You go for study of law and practice in Moon period for 10 years. you continue in job as well as practice. You will see your retirement.
    SUN-Mercury period starts from 23-03-2018. In that period you get the job connected to Govt dept.
    I hope your doubts are cleared. Good Luck.

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    Rao ji

    Thank you for your reply and i was clear, a small clarification

    I cant understand this meaning you mentioned above

    In any worst situation you think, you will come out, because of Rahu.
    You will see your retirement

    Please clarify this two only the exact meaning of this

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)
    J V S Rao

    In KP astrology, cuspal sublord is the deciding factor. In your case 8th house (house of disappointments) sublord Rahu is connected to 11th house (house of fulfilment of desires) and 12th house (exertion and difficulties etc). 8th cusp is connected to 12th it means disappointments are connected to exertion, overwork then how can you get job satisfaction.
    Again 8th cusp is connected to 11th house. It means disappointments are connected to success or fulfilment of desires, hence difficult situations favour you. It is good.
    2. You will see retirement:
    You will work in the organization till your retirement. O.K

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