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Kanya lagna female

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    I heard generally kanya lagna born females have tough married life or would get divorced easily. Myself and my mom both seem to be kanya lagna born. How come i am divorced and unable to still move on? Where as my mom is successful so far in her family or married life? Sorry if it’s a weird question, asking out of curious about kanya lagna ladies general predictions.

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    Your question is really weird, there is no such axiom that kanya lagna born would be having tough married life. I have evaluated more than 50000 horoscopes in my life and have never ever come across such a definition. Do not listen to wayside astrologers who will make their own theories without any depth of studies in Astrology. As per projected Statistics, 1/12 of girls in this world would be unhappy in marital bliss as per your theory.

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      Thank you. Just wanted to know if there are any negative aspects for kanya lagna born ladies horoscope. Thats all.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    For kanya lagna people,Guru happens to be the owner of seventh
    house.So,there cant be such a stigma.
    But such a stigma is there for Kataka(cancer)lagna people,
    as Sani happens to be the owner of seventh and eighth houses.
    But I see so many cancer lagna people leading happy lives,
    as seventh house is compensated with some benefic influence.
    You can read the following articles on remedial measures
    and practise tapas and remove your pessimistic attitude.

    Read in —-
    Good wishes.

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