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ketu antardasha

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    Dear sir, please tell me the effects of ketu antardasha from july 2014.

    Dob-25/3/1985, Tob- 10:02 am, Pob- New Delhi.Rasi-mesha, lagna-vrishabh.

    Would really appreciate your reply.


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    Kethu Antardas in Mars Mahadasa will be very good for you and you will be able to do things which makes others happy and thus earn their blessings and through them God’s blessings too.

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    Thanks a lot sir for answering my question.Sir ketu antar last’s only 5 months.I would really appreciate if you could also tell me about the effects of venus antardasha from dec 2014.

    Birth details again are:Dob-25/3/1985, Tob- 10:02 am, Pob- New Delhi

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    Do use paid services for repeated questions. You can email me

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    Dear sir,
    I would like to know the effect of ketu antardasha in guru mahadasha. Will it be going to be good or bad?

    Thank you,

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    Effects of Antar Dasha of Ketu the Maha Dasha of Jupiter

    There is a possibility of loss of position, wandering and instability.

    There may be disagreement with relatives, sons and brothers may suffer and public opinion may be opposing .

    Elders may suffer due to conflicts, the king’s anger and loss of wealth and ailments may prevail.

    There may be fear of injury, harm due to servants and mental agony.

    Moderate enjoyment, moderate gain of wealth, coarse food or food given by others food given at the time of death ceremonies and acquisition of wealth though undesirable means.

    Effects like loss of wealth by the wrath of the king, imprisonment, diseases, loss of physical strength, antagonism with father and brother and mental agony.

    Acquisition of a palanquin ( motor car), elephants, etc. beneficence of the king success in the desired spheres, profit in business, increase in the number of cattle, gain of wealth, clothes etc., from a Yavana King (Muslim dignitary).

    There will be physical distress.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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