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Ketu in 6th house of transit for Virgo.

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    Hi I want to know how ketu is in 6th house of transit for Virgo ascendent?
    I’ve read in various blogs online that it gives tactics to the native to deal with opponent or competitors. Is it true?
    As Virgo ascendent will HV ketu in 6th house transit from Jan . will it help in competitive exams?
    Expert and proper answer expected. Thanks 🙂

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    You have only some superficial knowledge in Astrology. If you wish to have a scientific evaluation of a horoscope read

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    Is it possible for u to give some information about my question? It would be helpful.
    Can you tell whatever I HV read, is that all right ?

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    What you heard is partially right. Whatever Kethu will give you in its periods and sub periods or transits will all depend upon its nature and potency in the native horoscope. Without ever evaluating it just because Kethu is placed in any house, he is incapable of giving good or bad results solely by its placement alone.

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    Thanks guruji for information.
    Me a Virgo ascendent will be running under rahu mercury dasha. Will this transit help in cleating competitions..?
    My ketu in 10th house in Gemini.
    In navmasa its in pieces sign.
    Should I hope this transit will help in clearing exam better??

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    A sign is 30 degrees wide and placement of a planet in a sign does not signify much unless you know the exact longitude of the planet withing the sign with reference to other planets too. Trying to come to any inference just with such trivial information is disastrous. Astrology is a vast subject and you cannot draw inferences by just placement of planets as wayside astrologers do.

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    Thanks guruji. My ketu is of 19 degree. Is it good? Now can u pls say if this transit will help me in cracking competitive exam? Dealing tactfully with competitors? Its in 10th house Gemini sign in natal chart and pieses sign in navmasa.
    Just a reminder, I am running under rahu mercury dasha. I’m a Virgo ascendent. My mercury is 22 degree in 2nd house. And this dasha will continue till 2018.
    Waiting for ur positive reply eagerly.

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    All the longitudes are to be studied with reference to the Ascendant longitude to arrive at the Residential strength. If you want all the detailed information, you will have to come through Paid services.

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    I don’t wish for detailed information now, but will contact you in near future.
    At least tell something by this data. Will I succeed in my exams ? Will thus ketu transit help me?

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    The minimum information I require will be your date, time and place of birth to tell anything about transitory effects. With half evaluated statements, I do not wish to pass any comment. You could have posted it right in the first instance.

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    Sir is there a way I can contact you like through email? Actually many of my family friends use this site and I don’t wish to share my details. If u provide me ur email I can sent u my details and later as per ur wish u can reply me here or via mail. 🙂

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    Read my blog

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    Thanks guruji for all your help.
    I’ll surely read.
    Please delete this post. I request.


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