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kundali milan for marriage

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    respected Navneet Sir,
    boy- 25 February 1992: place- varanasi uttar pradesh: time- 10:28 am
    girl- 13 August 1992: place- Allahabd uttar pradesh : time- 4:09 am
    Sir I have already checked online on more that 10 websites and found the result as 27/36.
    when our parents contacted their known astrologers then two astrologers are saying two different things. One is saying that despite of grah maitri(0.5/5) overall result is ok and marriage can be done whereas other one is saying that this marriage should not happen.
    In this situation we all are very much confused what to do. And it has taken a very negative turn now. We both love each other. Its my Earnest request to show me right path. Please Sir I really need a “Fair” and “Unbiased” opinion on this issue.
    Please Help me.

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    Navneet Khanna

    Dear Harsh,

    Thanks for visiting

    I have checked your horoscope matching and I see that your ashtkoot Guna milan score is 26 out of 36, which is much higher then 18 that is required for marriage. This is good, having a good Guna milan score certainly helps. There is Gharamaitri score of 0.5 out of 5, which is certainly not good. Having low Grahmaitri score is never good.

    Please note that Grahmaitri or friendship between the Rashi lords is important for having harmony in your relationship. As your rashi lord is Mars and the rashi lord of the girl is Saturn. Both Mars and Saturn are inimical by nature.

    You need to understand that Rashi or the Moon sign is very important in astrology. It governs our thought process and mind and when two inimical planets are asked to work together, that is you and your partner, there would always be conflicts and frictions, as you both will have different opinions and can never think alike. As they say small things lead to bigger. When Grahmaitri score is less there will be arguments, unhappiness and no satisfaction in married life.

    In any marriage , being together is most important, I mean not physically but also in thought, mind and action. Therefore the importance of Grah maitri is very much there.

    I would suggest that you do GRAH MILAN (Matching of the planets) as you dont seems to have done GRAH MILAN which is equally important to Guna milan which you have done before. A good Grah Milan will tell us if we should ignore weak Grahmaitri score.

    A Grah milan will give you very authentic picture of your horoscope matching.

    You can read more about Grah Milan from below –

    Guna Milan and Graha Milan during Kundali Matching

    If you need any further clarifications, please let me know.


    Navneet Khanna
    Vedic Astrologer

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      Thank you so much sir navneet and sir umamaheswar for your replies.
      I read and found that pluto is in boy’s 7th house and moon and saturn are there is girl’s 7th house.
      What this combination means?
      Kindly help

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    YOu have to first of all study your horoscope carefully,whether
    your seventh house is without evil or not.
    If there is evil in your seventh house or in seventh house owner,
    you cant have good married life.
    Guna milan is a superficial calculation.
    If there is evil in your marriage house,you have to do
    penance for one year to reduce or remove that evil.
    Penance means you have to avoid milk products,sweets,sweet
    fruits,nonveg,liquors for one year.
    You should do fasting for one day in a week. On the
    day of fasting,you can eat uncooked vegetables(unlimited
    Guna milan calculations on website is not useful.

    Superficial interest in astrology is of no use.
    First of all ,understand your horoscope thoroughly.
    Then do the penance remedy if necessary.
    Read my article in google-kumrao99 penance method.

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    Respected sir

    This question is about my sister. My parents are seeking a match for her. The details of the girl and the boy are:

    Girl: Shubha, 27 Nov 1993, 07:00 am, place of birth- Bhiwani (haryana)
    Boy: Akshay, 4 June 1988, 10:46 pm, place of birth- Dehradun (uttarakhand)

    The boy is educated and seems very good, and the guna-milan score is 27. However, the Grah Maitri score is 0.5. I would like to know the importance of grah-maitri dosh in this match? Should we consider this marriage, and are there any other dosh present in this match-making?

    Please suggest, sir.


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