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    Dear Sir,
    I have had every troubled childhood making wrong decisions or decisions chosen me then anxious about the life, taught when I reach adulthood I may lead a better life. But still unfortunate following me. Migrated to foreign country even then my bad times still followed. I am straight forward person believing in ethics. But these values never give me anything except for sorrow. I met a girl in different foreign land unexpectedly when I was on holiday we fell in love have in long distance relationship for few weeks and there have been lots of obstacles though not fault of ours. the problems created itself . I moved to different foreign country for her and living miserable life now . Sir when would I start living a magnificent life, when would this cosmic energy bless me? Any idea to improve my decision making ability?

    Request you to please examine my details in dept and would appreciate your honest reply.
    My details
    Date of Birth: 11 dec 1986 birth time: 6.01 am location : Jaffna srilanka

    My girlfriend
    22 feb 1993 16.43
    Stockholm Sweden

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