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Life in trouble

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    Please advice on my future as I am having tough time now on family , job front. Separated from my Husband also .please advice me when will I have good life .

    DOB: 21st October 1984
    Time:09:36 AM
    Gender: Female
    Place of birh: Trivandrum, Kerala

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    Your horoscope justifies life so far and may be there will be some minor improvement in 2021 onward when Rahu Mahadasa comes into effect. Pray to God and He will find you some source of relief.

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    Seems like your time of birth is 9:26 am validating above events. In Chalit your 7th lord Venus is placed in 12th house and afflicted by separative Ketu. You are under Mars mahadasha from 05/9/2014 and Mars despite being lagna lord is not good for marriage signifying combination for separation and quarrels.

    You started Mars Saturn bhukti from 25/1/2017 till 6/3/2018 and Saturn placed in 12th house is not good for conjugal bliss. Mars- Mercury, Mars-Ketu and Mars-Ven periods till 5/9/2021 are not good for career or marriage or health (Divorce is not foreseen). Mars-Mercury period from 6/3/2018 to 4/3/2019 will bring you and your husband closer &/or together.

    Curbing aggression and chanting mars beej mantra/hanuman chalisa 18000 times in 21 days will help in mental peace (make hanuman chalisa an indespensable part of life).

    As Mr. TMR said Rahu period from 5/9/2021 will be tad better but given most planets have bad combinations, no major betterment is foreseen

    God Bless,
    Astrologer Deepak

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