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Life purpose and Navamsa

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    Can some one please tell me how my husband and married life will be?
    I’ve faced many problems in my early life. Contemplated Suicide but I won’t give up. Now I want to be a Sanyasi but my parents won’t allow. They want me to get married. So I’ll give it a try cuz I don’t want to hurt them.
    I started studying Vedic astrology but I’ve 7th Lord in 8th house in D9 . how bad is it? Does it mean my husband will die or be defective?
    Also my 3 planets are combust and in Mula nakshatra along with Sun.
    What will happen? I don’t know of I’m prepared for anymore… Could someone help me figure out my chart? Are there chances of me being and Ascetic
    My birth details : 27 December 1993
    Time : 10:27 am
    Place: Pune, Maharashtra, India.

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    Navneet Khanna

    So you have asked so many questions, I don’t know which one to take first. You want to know if 7th lord in 8th in D9 will kill your husband. No this is totally absurd. You may have read something somewhere, but you cannot apply the same thing everywhere. Astrology has a lot of combinations and possibilities, just because of one placement of planet you cannot reach such a conclusion.

    3 planets in your birth chart are combust. So the planets which get combust are weak and you will have to strengthen them to see their results. Lastly, do not get married because your parents want you to get married. Get married only because you are in need of a life partner, a companion. Your parents can help you in finding a good partner, but eventually, it should be your decision, else you will never be happy in the relationship. And not to forget to mention that negative thoughts come to mind when you lose hope, are unhappy and helpless. Use meditation and yoga and learn to relax yourself.


    Navneet Khanna

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    @Navneet Khanna Thanks for clearing my doubts.

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