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Love -cum arranged marriage

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    Hello navneet sir ji ,
    This is Priyanka,
    My dob :20-10-1989 ,
    Tob: 10:10 am
    Place :warangal ,

    I’m in love with one guy ,
    Did I have the possibility of love -cum arranged marriage according to my horoscope sir,please let me know sir , having issues from both the parents side ..we are suffering a lot

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    Astrologer Akash
    Astrologer Akash


    Currently you are running your Pisces which has absolutely no combinations for marriage.Your marriage will take place in your Aries chara dasha which will be running from 20/08/2018-18/06/2019 as it has very strong combinations for marriage.
    If you make Aries which will be the dasha sign at that time as the Lagna you see that the 5th lord Sun goes into the seventh house which indicates love marriage but Sun is debilitated which will show difficulties in getting married.

    1.Do Surya Namaskar every morning
    2.Respect your Father
    2.Chant Shukra beej mantra daily 108 times

    God Bless,
    Astrologer Akash.

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    Tmr sir mentioned that my marriage will happen before January 31 2018..
    I need clarity sir about what type of marriage is predicted

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    Read my article “Definitions in Astrology” on my blog

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    komal tanwar

    komal tanwar
    2 September 1993
    birth place – kothputli (Rajasthan)
    what kind of marriage will I have??

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    Astrologer Akash
    Astrologer Akash

    Komal please provide your time of birth.

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    Hello navneet sir ji ,
    This is Payal,
    My dob :06-07-1992 ,
    Tob: 15:35
    Place :Delhi ,

    I’m in love with one guy ,
    Did I have the possibility of love -cum arranged marriage .. we are suffering alot from last 3-4 years

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    Respected sir,
    I am varshny.
    My date of birth:1-11-1994.
    Birth time:12h:05m:40(sec)pm.
    Birth place: tenali(andhra pradesh)
    What kind of marriage is mine?
    Love/arranged/love cum arranged.

    I have completed my film
    Direction course in l.v prasad
    I want to join as an ass director
    When will be good time for me
    Please reply to this both the

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    I can give you a complete scientific evaluation of your horoscope as described in my blog if you come through Paid services which will give you an idea about how successful your marriage and career life will be.

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    Devyani Watane

    Respected sir,
    I am Devyani & i am in love with one guy.Did I have the possibility of love cum arranged marriage? We are suffering alot from 2 to 3 years.
    My date of birth is 14th april 1999
    My birth time is 10:40pm
    My birth place is Nashik,Maharashtra India.

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    You are only 19 years old and it is too early to think about married life in modern times. Wait till 23 years and you will get married by then, need not be with your current lover.

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    When will I get marry
    Will it love or arrange marriage

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    DOB 25-08-1994 7:25am

    When will I get marry
    Will it love or arrange marriage?

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    Princy Jain

    3:20 am
    Chitradurga, Karnataka
    Hi sir , good evening
    I wanted to know when will I get married ,
    One engagement has already broken ,
    Also sir will it be a love marriage or love cum arrange marriage ,

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    Love comes after marriage. Love before marriage is nothing but infatuation. Though I cannot say when you will be married, you will be a parent by end 2021.

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