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Love life problem

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    Nmaste sir , i am in love with a girl who was a first year student and junior to me it was never planned by and it happened but when i proposed to her denied my proposal and was trying to talk to her even then i thought it was due to peer in college as people in college dont like people geting into relationships due to jealousy in nov 2013 we started talking to each other and then there was problems dec 2013 we again started talking and she started accepting that i have a feeling for her we use to talk to each other for long hours and chat with each other but in college we didnt talk as we have agreed that in college we will show that we dont like each other as then there will be no problems. one of my friends use to talk to the girl i love and i told him you should not talk to that girl as you are my friend and since we were portraying in colg and no one even your friends were not knowing that we are with each other . but that guy use to talk negative about me to the girl i love and started creating problems and on 21 st feb 2014 i dont know what happened the girl i love told me that we should not talk and all. I tried to talk to her , then again at 18 march 2014 we started talking but that was not same as earlier and then all things got worse from 20th april i am not in talking term with the girl i love then i got to know my friends back stabbed me told nonsense to her .i am still confused what is the issue she dont wanna talk to me or your relationship has ended. I am in a state of mental depression ..stalking her online on facebook and whtsapp .i love her so much and wanna marry her. I am still in love with that girl and think i will never fall again in love and even i dont want to as i have seen immense pain in love. sometimes i feel hatred for her when angry that she may be with someone else in her life rightnow. but i want back in my life somehow and tell her how much i love her and get married to her. I dont know her time of birth but she was born on 11th January 1995 in delhi, india. I want her back in my life on any condition .when she will come back to my life and all misunderstandings will go away.

    My d.o.b – 26/02/1991
    Time- 19:48
    Place- delhi, india.

    Plz help

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    Navneet Khanna

    I need her complete birth detail to match with your horoscope. One thing i see in your horoscope is that there is love marriage yog in your horoscope and you never know that it may be with this girl only. Therefore give yourself some time and look for a good opportunity and clear all misunderstandings.


    Navneet Khanna

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    I dont know her time of birth i just know the date that is 11/1/1995 and place that is delhi.

    Is there any problem in my kundli about extra martial affair or any sexual problem. Thanks.

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    Sir plz reply , waiting for your reply !!

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    Waiting for your reply

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