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Love Marriage in problem

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    13/01/1994,19:48pm, Jabalpur,Madhya Pradesh,

    i did love marriage on 19th January 2017 and got separated from husband due to disputes between my family and my husband.My husband wants me in his life,but my parents wants our divorce,will my parents finally support me to live with him in future. Love Marriage in problem.

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    Navneet Khanna

    In your horoscope we see that Saturn rules the 7th house of marriage and Saturn is posited in the 8th house which is not good position for it to be. Venus the karka for marriage is combust. Ketu aspects your 7th house. Your 7th house and 7th lord are weak for marriage. The possibility of separation is indicated in your horoscope, however you have to be very strong for it to work in your favor. Your parents may not support you to live with your husband, however it is your life and you should take decision of what you want.

    Your husband chart would have been very help to understand your compatibility. However as your individual chart is weak, things will be challenging. You should do the below given remedies.

    1. Read Hanuman Chalisa Daily

    2. Visit Shani temple every Saturdays


    Navneet Khanna
    Vedic Astrologer

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