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Love marriage prediction

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    Hi i am a girl born on 12 august 1988 in sialkot pakistan.
    My time of birth is in betweeen 2 am to 4 am exect time is not known
    I want to know will i have love marriage with the concent of my family.and what will be time of marriage?
    Thanks in advance

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    Astrologer Akash
    Astrologer Akash

    Exact time of birth is needed to evaluate a horoscope

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      If time of birth is 00.51 am can i have love marriage?

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    We do not believe in trial and error method in astrology. You can contact some wayside astrologers for such guesswork and predictions.

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    I am sorry sir.but the time my mother told me is 12.51 am or 3.51am before morning prayer but written on certificate is 2.53 i am not guessing but have 3 different birth times.if you can help i will apriciate it.

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    The place i live dont give much importance to record exect birthtime so what i do

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    Astrology is totally based on exact time of birth. With different times of birth there is little point in using Astrology to evaluate your horoscope. Read my blog Navagraha Astrology online

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    Is there any method to find time of birth?

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    There are methods to find the time of birth through reverse engineering like from events in the past which are of a one time nature, like death of father or mother or first sexual experience or any other matter of significance which will help identify the time of birth. And your very looks can sometimes give us clues to where some planets are in the zodiac. For all that you should contact an astrologer in person and spend hours with him for questions and answers. It is called Birth Time Rectifications which are being practised by many as a business in the world of astrology.

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