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Manglik, had break up, please predict marriage date

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    Hello sir,

    My engagement performed once but on the wedding day relationship broke because of disputes between both the families regarding few rasm. Though i am not interested in marriage now but i know i have to get married.Please predict when i will get married and what will be the characteristics of boy
    28 feb 1980
    7:40 am
    Jaipur, rajasthan

    Thanks in advance,

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    You have a very weak Sun and Moon as is shown below
    Planet Residential Strength Good % Bad% Nature

    Sun 0.64 51.27 35.47 Benefic
    Moon 2.90 70.73 21.50 Benefic
    Mars 26.06 26.83 9.09 Benefic
    Mercury 84.10 27.63 38.03 Malefic
    Jupiter 24.72 88.58 3.54 Benefic
    Venus 84.51 72.32 3.45 Benefic
    Saturn 91.65 82.30 11.20 Benefic
    Rahu 64.90 51.27 35.47 Benefic
    Kethu 64.90 82.30 11.20 Benefic

    Net 49.38

    You have a strong marital bliss and you will get married between March/October 2015. For details read my blog and come for a scientific evaluation using Paid Services.

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    Thank you sir, does it mean that other planets like mars, rahu and jupiter in 7th house are not bad for me, actually some people said to me that rahu in 7th house is creating problem for marriage. Please shed some light on this and also tell me about the features of life partner. Thanks.

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    What I wrote to you is as per my evaluation which you will understand if you go through my articles. The features of your life partner can never be predicted since most qualities of life are subjective and will be varying between person to person. Like your definition of handsome could be different from that of your friend.

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    Ok sir thanks for response, it would be great if you can tell basic features like from india or abroad or i know him already or not, will my ex-fiance be back or any unknown person. If it can be checked through chart then please tell me, if not then i am thankful to you for what you have predicted.thanks, regards, hena

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    There is nothing like abroad in astrological parlance. Read “Definitions in Astrology” in my articles on the blog. I am only concerned about a very strong 2nd and 11th house in your horoscope which means you will be rolling in wealth and that could often be detrimental in a good matrimony because to match your riches, he too will have to be rolling in money. And to get a matching horoscope, it could be a tough job. May be that could be the reason why you are still unmarried at 34. Anyway let us wait till end 2015.

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    Thanks Sir, yes lets see what happens.

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