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Marital life

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    My DOB: 21-04-1986
    Place: Hooghly Westbengal
    Time: 7:30pm

    Currently wearing gomed more than 7 ratthi also suggested to were panna 4-5 ratthi also.
    Having severe marriage related issues.

    Plz suggest is it ok?


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    Wearing precious stones to make things happen is not astrology, it is just media creations to sell their wares. Do not be carried away by such gimmicks.

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    I have been turning every stone so that things become normal not only by astrology but practically all turning out to be vegetative. Ur valued suggestion in this matter can be helpful for both of us if u are ready to help.


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    Read my articles “Myths and misconceptions in Astrology” and many other useful such articles on my blog

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    Hi deep

    1.Your Ascendant(lagna) is Scorpio and Retrograde Saturn(severe malefic) is placed in Langna Aspects 7th house of Spouse & Relationship
    2. Langna & 6th house lord Mars(another severe malefic) and is plced in 2nd House of Family relationship
    3.In Navamsha The 7th and 8th lord Saturn placed in 5th house Aspects 7th and 11th houses
    4.Right now Sade sati of Saturn transition in Scorpio (your lagna) until October and the transits to Sagittarius (2nd house) and stays there until 26th Jan 2020
    5. Mercury lord of 8th and 11th house( happiness from partners) is debilitated in 5th house
    6. At present vimsottari Dasha–> Rahu-Mercury and Rahu is in 6th house(problems) and Mercury is debilitated

    1.Marriage, 7th lord Venus is in 7th house Own sign
    2.Again Venus is in 7th house in Navamsha and in friendly sign

    50 % Saturn is causing problems to you due to its Position, Aspects in both natal and navamsha
    Sade sati makes you problem even more severe

    30 % Mercury and 20% mars

    Can you tell me, what is the severe problem(in marriage) right now so that i will try to give you Exact solution

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    jvsrao (KP Astrologer)

    You will get married within March 2018.
    JVS Rao

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    Hello sir,
    Thanks for the analysis of my chart.
    I got married in Jan 2017 and within 15 days of marriage problems started with my wife. She is very hot temper and looses control even with very silly issues. Have been using islang language even when speaking with my mother and relatives. She also has a psychological problem for which she takes regular medicines and I came to know about it after marriage. The problems have gone beyond my control and had to shift her to her parents house. I started her treatment with another psycratist but now she is calling me and threatning me every now and then.
    Can I tell what kind of help I can get from astrology.

    Thanks for your help

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      Hi Deep,

      Your problem is way severe than i thought.

      I need your wife’s Horoscope details for analysis of your marriage

      Please contact me personally because, i think public discussion is wrong for your problem.

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