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Marital life

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    Name. Sri durga kalyani /Dob. 7 august 1980/ Time. 5:03 am/ Place . Vijayawada, andhra Pradesh./ marriage date. ..22 may 1997../ husband name..Srinivas
    Please tell marital life..problems.

    Thank you so much sir…with anticipation,

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    Srinivas is a good name which cannot produce any marital problems. If you think you have marital problems of being unhappy in marriage, you must provide the husband’s birth details too to check the possible incompatibilities between you two which will have to be a Paid Consultation since it takes quite some time to evaluate both the horoscopes.

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    Daer astrologers we have marital problems.we r living separately from 14 months.can we reunite?PLS tell me if any remedies to reunite and lead happy dob is 25.11.83. Time btwn 10.30-11am

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    Thank you sir. But it’s not to play with astrology. Husband died in 2008 through HIV positive. He cheated his wife. And the wife also was expired in 2012 through HIV which is infected through her husband.just want to know the reason behind this catastrophe.

    Thank you so much if you could help in this.

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    If the husband and wife are expired, who is this Kalyani and what is your interest in putting this question on the board. I do not understand!

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    I’m her sister. I want to know what caused in her horoscope to face such a problem in her life.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswaara rao

    Hello Mrs or Miss Kalyani,
    This forum has no time to discuss about horoscopes of living people.
    If you have real love and inclination to know their weaknesses for getting
    hiv,you should have informed about it with your question.
    By way of common sense,you must have known that they died due to sins
    committed by them in this life or in the previous life.

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