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Markesh Dasha

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    Bimal Kumar Khaitan

    My date of birth is 28.03.1957. Time 12.38.55 PM. Place – Ramgarh (Raj).

    Please advise if i have Markesh Dasha now. I am at the verge of bankruptcy.

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    Your Jupiter sub period in Mercury Mahadasa is going on. While Jupiter is good, Mercury is bad. You are going to have a long life. Go ahead with the bankruptcy petition.

    Planet Net Strength Nature

    Sun 17.73 Benefic
    Moon 15.80 Malefic
    Mars 7.16 Malefic
    Mercury 50.51 Malefic
    Jupiter 79.22 Benefic
    Venus 7.84 Malefic
    Saturn 78.34 Benefic
    Rahu 43.54 Malefic
    Kethu 88.39 Malefic

    Net 47.70 Benefic

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      Bimal Kumar Khaitan

      Thank you for your reply sir. I have suffered huge losses in my business due to which my life is finished. my pandit told me that i have Markesh Dasha now. What is the remedy? Please advise

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    You do not have Markesh Dasha since your Mercury or Jupiter are not maraka grahas.

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      Bimal Kumar Khaitan

      Thank you Sir. When will i be able to come over these difficult times.

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