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    Sir I want to know fr my marriage. .
    Dob : 2 july 1992
    Time : 09 :39 a.m.
    Place: indore
    When I will be getting married. … I am at presently in a relationship since last two years….
    Will this relationship turn into marriage?

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    Plz reply sir….

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    Sir my name is priya please tell me if I will have inter caste marriage
    DOB: 09/09/1995
    TOB: 07:10 PM
    POB: Azamgarh, uttar pradesh
    sir please try to reply soon as possible

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    Kindly replyy to my query sir

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    Sir pls pls replyy…

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara Rao

    Hello Harsh,

    The second half 2013 could have given a start in relationships for you (out of more than 0ne possibilty to occur from)……..The fag end of 2013 was important in the regard.

    Also Nov 2015 to June 2016 brought a new situation to get married, which is needing difficulty to adapt to.



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    I didn’t got the answer clear…

    By what time I could marry? And will I marry to one whom I love?

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    Your question is similar to when you will pee next and will it be in a luxurious toilet or not. Astrology is not intended to answer such questions. Read my blog to get a good insight into astrology. Love comes after marriage and before marriage, it is called infatuation and not real love.

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara Rao


    You expect a free answer, but are not willing to even give feedbacks to assist?



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    Rishi rahul
    How can anybody give feedback. … if he /she doesn’t get a clear answer. .
    And is it like dat if we pay den only we could get a clear and accurate answer…..?
    It should be mentioned earlier den…

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    Navneet sir plz replyy ….

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara Rao

    I was talking of feedbacks first.
    Good day,



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    Navneet sir plz replyy. ..
    WWhen do u see the time of marriage. ..
    Dob – 2 July 1992
    Time – 09:39A.M
    Place – indore
    Do I have chances of love marriage in my horoscope ?
    Plzz do reply sir

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    Navneet sir kindly reply. .

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    Sir plz plz reply. .. I m really waiting for your response. ..

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    As i see in your horoscope, your 7th lord is in the 6th house. So, you have very clear ideas regarding the woman you will marry eventually. Even though you know what you want, you are nervous about commitment. You will marry the woman you want to marry to.
    And i also see the benefic influence of jupiter on the 7th house & this reduces any bad effects predicted otherwise.
    So as per your horoscope reading i would suggest you to go with your choice.

    But it would be better if you also provide the girls details also for a thorough analysis.

    God bless you in all your endeavors

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    Thank u sir for ur reply …
    Yes I like a girl and we both want to marry ..
    But the problem is that her parents are not convinced for this marriage but we really want to marry each other ….
    What to do?
    By which year my marriage is predicted?
    Girl details. .
    Dob – 10 JUNE 1992
    Time – 10 : 10 a.m
    Place- bharuch, gujarat
    Plzz suggest us about our marriage. .

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    Sir plzz replyy. …I have given the detail above. …
    plzz analyse and replyy..

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    Sir plz reply

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    As i see her horoscope, the 7th lord is in the 7th house. This means that she has a dignified simplicity. She will marry a man with good family, educational or social traits. She will do well in her profession & will be to a large extent be responsible for her husband’s progress in life.
    But as saturn is in 7th house, therefore there may be a probability of delay in her marriage & as per her horoscope there may be a break up of a serious relationship. So,it’s better if she marries late as then she would find a man worthy of her and will be considerate to her wishes and dreams. Her married life will be a happy one if both the partners work towards to make their union a happy one.

    After matching your both respective kundlis,its shown 12/36.
    We consider other things also while match making but the grah maitri comes out to be 1/5 which is never considered good. So, i would not recommend for this match.

    May god bless you both

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