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    Hello am sarayu, female, my dob is 20/07/1986, time 7.20 am, place kochi..would like to know when i will get married? how my future spouse will be?

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    It is like asking when it will rain next. Marriages can happen any time. Read “Definitions in Astrology” on

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    K.Umamaheswara Rao
    K.Umamaheswara rao

    YOu read the article carefully and follow fasting method for one day
    in a week for one or two years.On the day of fasting,you can eat
    uncooked vegetables.

    2.Sri Morarji desai became prime minister at the age of 83.
    He was fasting continuously for 4 days in a month at that age.
    It is said that he undertook fasting for 20 days continuously,
    many times.
    3.Everybody knows Sri Modi is fasting for 9days continuously
    during Dussehra.I think we can easily guess that he is in
    the habit of fasting for 4 or 5 days continuously,for the last
    many years.
    4.I think that there is some secret connection between
    planets and fasting.All religions are advocating fasting
    is the only method that can clean the soul from sins and
    bring prosperity.
    5.Durga sahasra namavali contains a nama or line where it
    says-APARANAYE NAMAH.It means that she spent many years
    by eating only raw leaves and later she avoided those leaves
    also and began fasting for many years.
    Our saints indirectly indicated the importance of leaves
    by telling that Vishnu likes Tulasi ,Siva likes Bilva,etc.
    6.This line secretly indicates that a person should first
    follow the diet of raw leaves.He can eat different leaves
    namely pudina,palak,spinach,coriander leaves,celery,betel
    leaves,methi leaves,dandelion,tulasi,bilva,Brahmi leaves,
    etc for 2 or 3 days,then he can fast for 2 or 3 days
    taking lemon water only.
    There is one vrata by name Sakambhari vrata.
    7.If a person wants to change to reduce the negative
    vibrations of planets,he must practise such method.
    I am 75years .Though I know about fasting since many years,
    I could guess and understand the nama about Aparna
    only 3 years back.

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    Sir please tell me if I will have an inter caste marriage
    uttam saini
    Pob: sikar

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    Navneet Khanna

    Yes possibility of inter caste marriage is there in your horoscope. However the 5th lord Venus is conjoined with 7th lord Moon in Scorpio which is the sign in which Moon gets debilitated. Debilitated 7th lord is not good in the 11th house which is the house of gains. Marriage will only be successful if there is proper matching between the horoscopes.


    Navneet Khanna

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